simple, elegant marimba design


Baritones can have keys 4", 5"or 6". Most commonly we make a 5" baritone with light weight 5" plastic resonators racked together. The keys are 5/4" African Mahogany finished with a clear laquer and have both the fundamental and the first overtone tuned. There are commonly 11 keys from G to middle C with no F#. Sometimes an F# is added. Keys can be mounted on metal studs through vertical holes at each frame support or strung with nylon cord through holes drilled horizontally in keys.

Frames and folding legs are standardly made of African mahogany finished with clear lacquer. Standard keyboard height is about 35" due to the length of the lowest resonator. Tubular metal non-folding legs are also available and can have casters if desired.

Instruments can be customized to meet your requirements. Options include different wood species for the frame, different keyboard heights, buzzers, mounting, and tuning in "just" or "equal" temperament.

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Mallets: 2"gum rubber - $35/pair

photo of baritone marimba

- photo (and marimba) by R. Moeller


Revised: Jan 2018