simple, elegant marimba design


The bass comes in two versions - a short bass with 35" keyboard height with curved resonators or a tall bass with straight resonators and a 55" keyboard height. There are 9 keys which go from C to D with no F#. The keys are 6" wide by 1-1/2" thick made of African mahogany and have a clear laquer finish. Both the fundamental and the first overtone are tuned. Keys are mounted on metal studs through vertical holes at each frame support.

Frames are made of African mahogany finished with clear lacquer. For the tall bass, the legs are light weight tubular steel H frames finished in black paint and are easily assembled. For the short bass, folding wood legs are standard.

Resonators are made of 6" white thin wall PVC drain pipe and are mounted individually to the frame. For the short bass, the lowest 5 notes require "J" shaped resonators. To achieve the length needed without compromising sound we use 90 degree pipe elbows for a smooth transition.

The tall bass requires a platform to stand on which we can provide.

Instruments can be customized to meet your requirements. Options include different wood species for the frame, different keyboard heights, buzzers, and tuning in "just" or "equal" temperament.

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Mallets: 2"gum rubber - $35/pair

photo of bass marimba

- photo (and marimba) by R. Moeller

Short Bass

photo of bass marimba

- photo (and marimba) by R. Moeller

Tall Bass

Revised: Jan 2018