simple, elegant marimba design


Our tenor has 17 three inch wide keys of African mahogany which covers 2 octaves with F's and F#'s. Mounting is by nylon chord run through holes in the keys and tied off with a cleat. The keys are finished with a clear laquer and have inlaid dots of contrasting wood on Cs and Gs. Frames and folding legs are made of African mahogany finished with clear lacquer. Standard keyboard height is 33". Small magnets keep legs up while transporting.

Tenor resonators are made of 3" ABS pipe finished in black lacquer. Each resonator has a buzzer on the bottom. The racked resonator sets install easily for setup and takedown.

Instruments can be customized to meet your requirements. Options include different wood species for the frame and legs, different keyboard heights, number of keys, buzzers, and tuning in "just" or "equal" temperament.


Tenor - $600
Tenor with resonators - $750

Mallets: Hi Rebound 60 durometer - $25/pair

photo of tenor marimba

- photo (and marimba) by R. Moeller


Revised: 20 Jun 2016